Baldur Burwitz

for the AiR-Assens / Assens Art Concil Artist-in-Residence I developed the following idea:

focusing the aspects of the theme “caring for the planet, ecology and sustainability”, I faced a lot of different global and current problems for our future, but when I looked at the map, I just had only one idea left, fitting to the area and especially reflecting the typical topography of Funen.

arriving with my own sailing boat, an Ewer (a flat bottom ship, 12 meters long, with the name “Aiolos”), I will collect plastic waste from the see and process it using a self made converter into crude oil (plastic pyrolysis).
from this recycled oil, mixed with some colour pigments, I will paint pictures from the enchanting landscape.
in the best case I will also catch a canister and an oil barrel at the see to build the converter out of garbage and waste, and probably I can use the crude oil also to make my boat engine run; this would make it all a really round working process…

the whole project and the process will be documented by using different media, like film and photography; the oil pictures will be shown at the residency site.

all this brings together very different aspects of environmental perception;
by fishing plastic from the sea, recycling it to oil, and then further recycling it to create works of art in a sustainable way, this process counteracts a social perspective, creates space for new perceptions and encourages to think independently about what can be done by everybody.
in being around in that many different ways I hopefully will meet an lot of people to discuss what I am doing and to show my ideas, as well as I can imagine having more than two artist talks to create visibility to everyone.

I love the idea of recreating a running system and interrupt the circulation to turn it in the complete different direction. everything flows.