Thurup Hus

The artist, Børge Thurup lived in Thurup Hus until 2005. Thurup Hus is an old, country house, built in the 1800’s near the harbour town of Assens in Denmark. The house is now used as an artists’ retreat.
The buildings have been beautifully restored in the original 19th century style. It is surrounded by a huge, old-fashioned kitchen garden true to the period and situated in an exquisite rural setting.

The house is equipped with facilities fit for the 1800’s – a firewood stove, open fireplace, old-fashioned baking oven and petrol lamp lighting. There is, however, also an annex with modern facilities such as a toilet, shower and a washing machine.

NB: Currently no Wi-Fi
Address: Øxnebjergvej 10, DK-5610 Assens

Those who apply for residency must be prepared to live under the conditions as described above – wholesome yet old-fashioned without modern comforts.

Contact person

Jørgen Svenstrup
Adress: Skærendsvej 35, Brunshuse,
5683 Haarby
Mobile: +45 51 90 58 32


Nearest gallery

Galleri Sulegaarden
Gallery owner:
Visual artist, Carl Henning Aarsø
Chairmann of ”PABiAK”, (Professionel artists in the municipallety of Assens)
Adress: Lundagervej 27, Lundager,
5610 Assens

If you want to make contact to local artists.

Health care

Medical center, Assens
Adresse: Skelvænget 2, 5610 Assens.
Tlf: +45 64 71 10 65

Medical center, Glamsbjerg
Adress: Stensgårdsvej 20, 5620 Glamsbjerg.
Tlf: +45 64 72 10 06

“Fælles Akutmodtagelse (FAM) – Odense
Make an appointment:
Tlf: +45 70 11 07 07
Adress: Kløvervænget 25 – 25c, 5000 Odense


Fyns Politi
Hans Mules Gade 1 – 3,
5000 Odense
Tlf: 114

Nearest grocery store:
SPAR, Ebberupvej 75,
5631 Ebberup

Place for artist talk:
Tobaksgaarden, 5610 Assens
Hollufgård, Odense