The theme:
"State of the planet, ecology and sustainability"

When in 2016 we planned to launch an Artist in Residence program under the Assens Art Council, we considered whether we should choose a theme or leave it open and free. We decided to choose a theme that could both consider the artists' free opportunity to work with their personal imagery, but which could also be of significance beyond the artist's own interest and thus gain a broader meaning.

We chose the theme: State of the planet, ecology and sustainability.

With the theme, we hope to be able to focus on a global problem. We hope that the artists through their work might help to raise awareness of the global problems that we face today while strengthening art and culture. The theme is serious. The lack of sustainability is not a situation but a condition that all generations are forced to face, particularly when it comes to young children and future generations. They shall probably have to live with large changes in living conditions as a result. The promotion of necessary and rational action in relation to the state of the planet is necessary. Maybe artists could create ideas that might lead us on the track.

‘We Are the First Generation that Can End Poverty, and the Last that Can End Climate Change’

 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 28. May 2015