AiR-Assens started as an experiment in 2017.

The Assens Arts Council had already established a travel grant for local visual artists in 2015. We found it important for local artists to get the opportunity to travel to other countries for a month work to achieve inspiration and to meet other artists and different cultures. The artists were supposed to tell about their experiences during their stay and about the network that they had formed untill their return.

At this background (foundation), it was quite natural for Assens Arts Council to consider, the possibility to allow visual artists from other countries to get residencies in Assens. An Artist in Residence program seemed to be a natural consequence of a travel grant.


In 2017, we successfully completed the first project ” AiR-Assens 2017″. We received a large number of applicants from many different countries. The project was nominated for Den Fynske Kulturpris 2018 (The Funen Art Award 2018)


In 2018 we had more numerous applicants for our AiR-Assens 2018.